Sunday, 24 July 2016

AAP Leadership Incompetent, Stands Exposed: BJP After Amanatullah Khan's Arrest

New Delhi: After the arrest of another AAP legislator, BJP today said the party stood "exposed" on the issue of probity, accused it of being "insensitive" towards common people with its workers blocking roads causing inconvenience and termed its leadership as "incompetent".

"As far as probity in public life is concerned, you have seen that so many legislators are now being accused and charge-sheeted on various criminal charges. There has been a series of events which gradually exposed the true face of their so called probity.

Now, as far as their concern for common man is concerned, today's incident has made it very clear that they are totally insensitive and just for the sake of political mileage and vendetta, they are trying to put the common man in problem," BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi told reporters.

AAP legislator Amanatullah Khan was today arrested after a woman alleged that he tried to mow her down when she visited his residence to raise the issue of power cuts, making him the tenth party legislator to be arrested.

Addressing a press conference, Mr Trivedi said during the dharna staged by AAP workers after the arrest, they blocked roads and made the common people suffer.

"Some of them had serious problems and trying to go to hospitals and they were requesting AAP workers to give them way, but unfortunately it was not done and this shows the level of insensitivity that AAP is having towards the aam aadmi," he said.

Mr Trivedi said, "AAP had two self-proclaimed causes of which they consider themselves as champion. One is probity in public life and the other their concern for common man."

Mr Trivedi said AAP workers were dissatisfied and the party leadership was incompetent both in terns of governance and controlling the party.

Mr Trivedi said there is an established procedure of law and protests in the event of an arrest "means you are not having faith in law and neither you are sensitive to the common man".

The BJP leader also attacked BSP for inaction against the workers who used abusive language against expelled party leader Dayashankar Singh's family and said it was done as part of a "well though-out strategy".

"There is a distinct difference between what happened on the part of BJP and what happened on the part of BSP. One of our former state vice presidents Dayashankar Singh had said something in his private capacity which party totally denounced and condemned.

Though he himself tendered an unconditional apology, our party considered his action unpardonable. Our state president tendered an apology and our leader in the Rajya Sabha and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley tendered apology and we have expelled him from the party," he said.

On the contrary, whatever BSP has done is a well-planned agitation under the guidance of their top leadership, he said.

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